Equipment booking

Equipment booking

VILA is now using a new program for booking equipment. The program is called Leihs and will make it much easier for you to view all available technical equipment at VILA, including where to collect (either Aalborg East, Kroghstræde 3 or CREATE in the centre of Aalborg), what you can use in combination and how long you wish to borrow the equipment. Below we have listed a how-to guide, that helps you set up a profile in Leihs!

Already using Leihs? Click here, to log in!


Leihs guide

Follow the instructions below to enter the system:

  • Step one: First time log-in, log in here using your AAU-mail ( and your personal AAU code. You need to contact us to have your user enabled. Contact us on this email:
  • SECOND-TIME LOG IN: use your AAU-mail ( and personal code. Can only be used once user is enabled by VILA-administrator. 


  • Step two: enter one of the categories (Audio, Batteries, Electronics, Light, etc.) and select VILA in the “inventory pools”. Remember to deselect the others (ArT-Lab and MediaLab) as shown in the picture below.



  • Step three: Select the devices you wish to borrow. You can also search in the list for specific devices.  NOTE: check the device-description to learn if the device is in Aalborg East or CREATE. The devices are, by default, in CREATE.
  • Step four: Click “add” and then “Complete order”.
  • Step five: Add your “Purpose” (e.g. scientific research AND institute) and “Submit order”, and your order is complete!


PICK-UP INFO: equipment can be picked up at CREATE (Aalborg centre) or Kroghstræde 3, (Aalborg East) (by appointment).


 Ready to log in? Click the image below and go straight to Leihs!


For more information contact:

Jacob Davidsen


Feel free to contact us any time and we will get back to you as soon as possible!