Collaborative resources

VILA is part of a larger network of collaborative partners. The collaborative resources at VILA's desposal, help with organizing events, manages lending of video/audio equipment for research purposes and much more.

For detailed information of each collaborative resource, see below.

Aims and areas of VILA


  • To provide a visible platform to support the video research community at Aalborg University and further, connect and support research colleagues at national and international levels.
  • To house and support several AAU research groups, including the Techno-Anthropology Video Lab, e-Learning Lab – Center for User Driven Innovation, Learning and Design, Mattering: A Centre for Discourse & Practice and Centre for Discourses in Transition and provide opportunities to connect with other groups working with video within and beyond Denmark.
  • To host visitors working in this field to conduct seminars or workshops, to provide opportunities for external researchers to share their own video data and to search and research archived video data at AAU, provide training, and share best practices.


  • Support and training of advanced competencies using software aided data collection and analysis,
  • Development of resources for mobile video data collection, and
  • Establishing secure and safe video data storage and archives and related resources. 




DIGHUMLAB is a national consortium of four Danish universities: Aalborg University, Aarhus University, the University of Copenhagen and the University of Southern Denmark as well as the State and University Library and the National Library of Denmark and Copenhagen University Library. This consortium was created, to promote access to digital research resources, the development of research tools and education, strengthening ties to international Networks. VILA is a part of DigHumLab and we are located at Kroghsstræde 3 in Aalborg East, and Rendsburggade 14 in Aalborg Centre.