MOVIN meeting 4-5 of April, 2019

Center for Discouses in Transition and Mattering meet to co-host with VILA on video data.

Last modified: 22.05.2019

MOVIN meeting

VILA co-hosted a national meeting in the MOVIN group (Microanalysis of Verbal and Multimodal Interaction) in cooperation with Centre for Discourses in Transition in the Department of Culture and Global Studies, and Mattering: Centre for Discourse and Practice in the Department of Communication and Psychology.

For two days, researchers presented video-based work, participated in data sessions and discussed the future of video-based research. VILA member professor Paul McIlvenny presented some of the recent developments in BigVideo.

To learn more about Big Video, click on this link:

The workshop was organized by Antonia Krummheuer, Jacob Davidsen, Paul McIlvenny and Pirkko Raudaskoski.