Paul McIlvenny, keynote speaker at COACT conference, Oulo, Finland

Conference with a focus on how changes in society emerge in interactions and discourses

Last modified: 30.05.2019

COACT Conference

Professor Paul McIlvenny was a keynote speaker at the COACT conference (Complexity of (inter)action and multimodal participation) in Oulu, Finland in April 2019. The conference explored how changes in society emerge in interactions and discourses, in which Paul focused on the development of two iterative software prototypes – namely SQUIVE (“Staging Qualitative Immersive Virtualisation Engine”) and CAVA360VR (“Collaborate, Annotate, Visualise, Analyse 360° video in VR”).

SQUIVE facilitates interactive and immersive 3D reconstructions of the site and the scenes in which social and cultural practices took place over time, and CAVA360VR is a tool, which enables the exploration of complex spatial video and audio recordings.

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